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This is an Interfit SXT3200 Three-Light Kit with Background. Each light in this kit accepts 250W or 500W tungsten bulbs. This kit includes an all-in-one carry case for storage and transportation, along with three air-cushioned light stands, a silver umbrella, and a white umbrella.

Pose your subject in front of the 10'-wide mottled grey cloth background, which is held up by the included sticky hooks.

The SXT3200 benefits from an extensive range of accessories via the "S" type bayonet fittings allowing most of the Interfit Stellar light modification tools to be used.

Note! RF5000 requires 250W Bulb

Included DVD shows you how to produce high-quality images from the SXT3200, including how to set up a digital camera for use with tungsten lighting

The compact, four-section light stands are air cushioned, with a maximum height of 7.5' (2.3 m)

Included umbrellas soften and broaden the light

The soft kit case safely holds all the components in one place

Package includes:

SXT3200 Three Head Kit - 3 x Heads, 3 x 500w lamps, 3 x stands, 1 x silver umbrella, 1 x translucent umbrella, 1 x Instructional DVD ,Grey Background cloth, 1 x Mini Stand, Hooks for Background Cloth( To mount on wall), Kit Bag

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