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Strobie XS Bracket


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The Interfit INT326 Strobies XS Bracket is a bracket to hold your shoe mount flash; use it with a softbox, a large beauty dish or with almost any any other Interfit "S" type fitting accessories available. A 7" reflector is included to intensify your flash. It also provides a way to mount additional (optional) reflector accessories.

The XS Bracket rotates its hot shoe mount to enable your iTTL or eTTL port to be visible to your Infrared triggering system. In addition to the rotating hot shoe, a built-in a second hot shoe can hold a radio receiver or a second flash unit.

This bracket is also available as part of a kit (#INT327) which includes a 16" square softbox and an air cushioned light stand.

Use with Additional, Optional Light Shapers

Tilt bracket has a locking receptor for your umbrella
Accepts optional "S" Mount Beauty Dish (RF5000)
Softboxes (Any Pro range or Stellar Softbox up to 1 m)
Snoots (RF5006 or INT209)
Honeycombs AH6020, AH6030, AH6060 fit directly into the included 7" reflector
Stellar range of Barndoors (RB4001) and the Color Gel Set (AC8011

Note:Sony/Minolta flashes have a non-standard shoe. Part #STR114 is required to convert their shoe for use with this product.

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